WindGen Power USA is an end-to-end renewable energy solutions provider that provides turnkey off-grid energy systems for a variety of users.

WindGen Power USA’s core business is providing comprehensive off-grid energy solutions based on wind and solar energy to a range of consumers. We work with homes, schools, clinics, tourist camps, businesses, and other facilities to design and implement renewable energy systems that save money and are environmentally friendly. In addition to our turnkey design and implementation services, we design, manufacture and install small-scale wind turbines and solar microgrids. Our power systems are designed and engineered in the United States, specifically for the off-grid markets in the developing world.

WindGen Power USA is committed to delivering social and environmental impact to the communities it services.

Over 1.2 billion people, or 17% of the global population, live without access to electricity. We provide access to reliable and affordable renewable energy using the limitless power of the wind and sun. We enable those living, working, and learning off-grid to enjoy benefits of power.

Based in the United States, with a partner office in Kenya, we have designed a range of power systems including micro wind turbines, solar solutions, microgrids, and more. Dedicated to finding better energy solutions for individuals and communities, our mission is to harness renewable energy resources with robust and affordable products that will bring power to homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses. We deploy American-engineered power systems in developing markets to reduce the energy access gap.

Our company:

Founded in 2011, WindGen Power USA began with a mission to develop wind turbines designed specifically for developing markets.

WindGen Power has now grown into offering comprehensive off-grid energy solutions involving solar and wind. We design renewable energy systems, procure all of the components necessary, and implement projects.


WindGen Power is an end-to-end renewable energy service provider that offers turnkey solar and wind energy solutions and prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. Our services include:

    • System Design: Residential to Micro-Grid
    • System Monitoring and Data Collection
    • Renewable Energy Advisory and Consulting
    • RE System Maintenance and Service
    • Custom Turbine Manufacturing
    • Water Pumping System Design


Leadership team:

Alastair Smith worked in the wind energy industry in a variety of capacities and roles prior to co-founding WindGen Power USA in 2010. He applied his experience developing a portable vertical-axis wind turbine for military use in designing the first two WindGen turbine models. Alastair is a graduate of the Harvard School of Engineering. Alastair can be contacted at alastair@windgenpower.com.

Sam Slaughter worked with a solar energy company in Kenya prior to co-founding WindGen Power USA. During his previous experience in Kenya he learned about the renewable energy landscape of the East African region and came to recognize the need for quality, affordable wind power products. Sam also has experience in the energy industry working for the energy group at UBS Investment Bank, and is a graduate of the Harvard School of Engineering. Sam can be contacted at sam@windgenpower.com.